Paper Product
   Rubbish Bag
   Vacuum Parts
Spray Bottles
Cleaning Cloth and Wipes
Dusters and Dustpans
Mop Handles
Toilet Brush Sets
Window Cleaning Tools
MBKT-M Metal Wringer Bucket
MBKT-P Plastic Roller Wringer Bucket
MBKT-TW Twin Bucket
MBKT-W Window Bucket
MBRM-B062 280sp broom head w/ 1.2x22cm H
MBRM-B068 Twisted cobweb broom w/ metal thread handle
MBRM-B090 355mm java platform broom
MBRM-B314 254mm path broom w/ 1.2m wood handle
MBRM-B667 General indoor broom complete
MBRM-B801 Bolt Hole Platform broom
MBSH-B026 Radial dishwash brush
MBSH-B350 Deluxe fill van wash brush
MBSH-B773 Radial bottle brush
MBSH-G Gong brush
MBSH-GS General Handle scrub
MBSH-HS Long handle scrub
Spray Bottles
MBTL-750 750ml Spray bottle
MBTL-T Spray Bottle Trigger
Cleaning Cloth and Wipes
MCTH-C Cleaner cloth
MCTH-MG1 Micro fiber Cloth G-use 40x40cm
MCTH-MG2 Micro fiber Cloth G-use 32x32cm
MCTH-MW Micro fiber Cloth Window-use 30x30cm
MCTH-SS Scourer Sponge
MCTH-W5 5's multi-use fresh wipes
MCTHSC4 Green Scourer 200x150mm, 4pc/pkt
Dusters and Dustpans
MDST-PB050 Rubber bladed brush & pan set
MDST-PH Upright dustpan set
MDST-SE Static duster extend
MDST-SS Static duster Standard
MDST-WW Wool duster extend
MDST-WS Wool duster standard
MF-SGN Caution wet floor sign
MGLV-LP Latex glove 100/box Powdered, S/M/L
MGLV-LPF Latex glove 100/box Powder free, S/M/L
MGLV-V Vinyl gloves Powdered 100/box
MGLV-R Rubber gloves/pair, M/L/XL
Mop Handles
MHD-14 Hard Wood Handle 1400mm
MHD-15 Hard Wood Handle 1500mm
MHD-B231 1.35x25mm plain thread cap handle
MM-B485 Wth20bb wide thread head refill blue blend
MM-B517 no24 socket mop refill cotton 450g
MM-B536 Stitched wringer mop refill cotton
MM-B823 no24 450g mop refill cotton
MM-B831 no24 eco mop head mop refill
MM-SQ Squeeze mop complete
MM-SQR2 Squeeze mop refill 2 post
MM300 Ploy Cotton Mop Head 300
MM350 Ploy Cotton Mop Head 350
MM450 Ploy Cotton Mop Head 450
MM600 Ploy Cotton Mop Head 600
MMD-B1150 400mm dust mop w/ twistlok handle
MMD-B845 400mm synthetic dust control mop
MPAD-16B Cleaner pad 16 blue
MPAD-16BK Stripper pad 16 black
MPAD-16G Scrubing pad 16 green
MPAD-16R Buffer pad 16" Red (406mm)
MPAD-16W Buffer Pad 16" white
MPAD-4BK 8x4" pad black
MPAD-4G 8x4" pad green
MPAD-4R 8x4" pad red
MPAD-4HD 8x4" pad holder
Toilet Brush Set
MT-B003 Twisted sanitary brush fill
MT-ST Toilet brush set
Window Cleaning Tools
MWG-B 350mm white window glove
MWP12 Extension pole optilc 2 sec 1.2m
MWP25 Extension pole optilc 2 sec 2.5m
MWS-BL Blade for scraper
MWS-H Short handle scraper
MWS-P Safty Scraper Pocket
MWS-R350 Window squeegee rubber 350mm
MWS-R450 Window squeegee rubber 450mm
MWSQ-B 350mm plastic handle squeegee
MWSQ-BB40 Window squeegee with handle
MWSS-H Pro SS handles
MWSS-RC35 SS channel & rubber 35cm
MWSS-RC45 SS channel & rubber 45cm
MWTB-B 350mm fixed window T bar
Misc Items
MPUMP Pump for 5 lt
MTAP Tap for 20 lt

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